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We are tied up with manufacturers and cater the spare parts for various industrial applications such as Petrochemicals, Aviation, Process, Oil and gas, Power, Pulp and Paper, Renewable Energy, Steel, Refineries, Fertilizers, and Infrastructure industries with a very small lead time considering the criticality of the requirement. The major product lines we deal with -
Process Equipment, Bearings, Electrical & Industrial Automation, Pneumatics, Seals, Valves & Actuators Filteration.

Electrical & Industrial Automation
Process Equipment
Valve & Actuators

We are committed to timely delivery of products; ensure the quality and maintaining a fare price. Few examples of spare parts we supply are: Lube oil, Lube oil filter elements, coalescing filter elements, and oil/gas suction strainers, Spare parts for auxiliary equipment (pumps, valves, etc.), Metallic flexible hoses, burner tips, Compressor spares, packing, seals, bearings, couplings etc.

We are partners to the certified manufacturer in India to cater certain International OEM’s products in India to make available of the spare parts with same quality but at economical range of Indian Market.

Strategic Partnerships : We offer customized partnership solutions with dedicated presence for the Petrochemicals, Aviation, Process, Oil and gas, Power, Pulp and Paper, Renewable Energy, Steel, Refineries, Fertilizers, and Infrastructure industries.

We will be able to assist interested partners who are currently doing business in the listed industries.

Customer :

The progress and growth in the relationships we have had with our customers simplifies our persistent effort to dedicate our specialties in finding customized solutions for each customer. We offer our customers solutions to their expansion needs or maintenance for their plants. Government Public/Private Corporations.

We at Technobiz offer our suppliers, principals, or strategic partners various opportunities to do business with us.


Technobiz can market your products through our expanding sales & marketing networks across the globe.

If you are interested to have Technobiz exclusively represent your products in any of our locations please email it to the contact mentioned.

Partnership: Technobiz specializes in creating unique partnerships that encourage sustainable growth. We work with our Marketing, Engineering, & Project teams to come up with the best solutions.

News & Events


Nov / 2011
Acquired a 3000sft land for office facility in Cuttack Odisha to cater industrial growth in eastern part of India.


Sept / 2011
Joined hand with leading ERP firm in Pune for enhancing our global ERP business.


Jan / 2013
Establishing a new branch office in Navi Mumbai to extend our Services to our valued customers in Mumbai zone.

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"We had a strong need for a centralized ERP solution which could provide a unified ERP experience to all our employees across India. TechnoBiz offering with its unique blend of technology and process expertise is a right step forward for us to fulfill this need."

Abhisek Majumdar